Why You Should Limit Soda

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For a human being, drinking is exactly like breathing, eating, and sleeping: without any of those things, you die. People tend to enjoy staying alive, so it makes sense that humans have drank so many different types of liquid over the ages, whether they come straight from the environment or animals, or if their created mostly from scratch. In particular, whenever possible, human cultures enjoyed sweet tasting beverages. One of the most popular type of sweet drinks that are relatively recent are soda’s, from Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi and more. The huge worldwide popularity of soda’s has resulted in a load of health issues for heavy drinkers.

We will always care deeply about the well being of our loyal readers, and so we created this list of important reasons as to why you should limit drinking soda.

1. You Decrease Your Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes

This is at the top of the list because of its sheer importance to the lives of not only our readers, but people all over the world. Study after study shows a definite link between consumption of sugary beverages such as soda and development of type-2 diabetes due to an excess of calorie consumption. When people lose a lot of weight fairly quickly, a part of it is that they cut back on excess calories that soda provides.

If you have a family history of type-2 diabetes, and fear that you might develop it as well, cutting out soda can be a good way to prevent that disease from taking its hold on you.

2. Your Preventing Your Teeth From Rotting

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Another issue with soda consumption is that the sugar and salt that they contain often have a negative effect on teeth. Too much soda can cause cavities to develop since the protect layer of teeth start to wither away or rot due to prolonged exposure. Many people will tell you that cavities can cause some of the worst pain imaginable.

3. You Are Cutting Back On Sodium

We mentioned the amount of salt in soda previously, but we wished to bring it up again because that aspect tends to be overlooked. While too much sugar is bad, too much salt isn’t much better, since a high amount of salt intake is correlated with high blood pressure.


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Soda can be sweet, but too much sweetness can cause problems.

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