About Miracle Medical

Miracle's History

We have nearly a decade and a half’s worth of experience in durable medical equipment (DME) servces.

In December of 2004, Jorge and Rolando Lozano came together to try and bring their vision of a better, healthier Weslaco to life; they established Miracle Medical Equipment and Supplies of South Texas.

It started with family and an idea of giving back to their community with the proper tools to assist their health issues.

Jorge and Rolando were mainly driven to pursue their business plan because of their relationships, with individuals who have type-2 diabetes, such as family members and close friends.

The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas has a significant portion of its population suffer from both pre-diabetes and type-2. Unfortunately, this is also an issue that’s nationwide. Jorge and Rolando’s desire to fight against the troubles that arise from the current rise in chronic illnesses has proven itself a success.

From December 2004 to now, Jorge and Rolando’s business family has grown, and it includes experienced drivers, secretaries, and marketing personnel to handle the demands many customers. Most recently, their success with Miracle has led to the creation of the new Rage Sports Bracing division (the website of which is here ).

BOC Accredited Facility
Miracle's Mission

A business can’t last as long and be successful if they lack a strong understanding of their purpose and market.

Our mission is always to have the appropriate equipment for whoever works with us. We especially want seniors to be aware of our incredible products, such as the Arkray GlucoCard for diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is still rampant in the Rio Grande Valley, and we strive to be a reliable business for its treatment.

We have kept to our missions’ word and will stay the course. Our company will continue to grow due to the success of our hard work and attentive care. We want our name to be known far and wide, from McAllen to Harlingen, Pharr, Edinburg, and beyond as one of the best DME providers in the Rio Grande Valley. We will continue to provide to provide durable medical equipment such as blood glucose monitors, hospital beds, and more.

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