GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ Wellness and Support Program

Diabetes Care ManagementWe offer the GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ Wellness and Support Program from Arkray. The wellness program includes a guide to living well, a planner for food portions, and other handy tools for managing diabetes. The quarterly newsletter has advice for maintaining an active lifestyle, recipes, and more.

We have started offering our customers Arkray’s GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ Wellness and Support Program. You will feel very gracious that Arkray’s program is such a useful tool to include in your anti-diabetes toolbox.

You will get access to:

You will find more information about Arkray’s wellness program directly on their website:

Statistically speaking, if you currently live in America, and especially so if it’s in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, there’s an increasingly strong likelihood that you or someone close to you might have pre-diabetes.

There’s also the distinct possibility that you have full-blown type-2 diabetes and are desperately reaching out and utilizing any resources for diabetes management that you can get your hands on.

Let’s delve more into that scenario and illustrate how we can solve your problem in it.

Eventually, you become overwhelmed by the sheer variety of meal and wellness plans for diabetic people. You are at such a loss now that analysis paralysis sets in. “Which option is right for me?” you ponder. You still worry even after learning about us.

Now that you are aware of what we can do for you, it’s time for the next step.

You learn that we offer the GlucoCard YouChoose™ Wellness and Support Program, and it seems to fulfill all of your personal requirements.

You are led to the ARK Care wellness website, where you learn about their wellness program in more depth. You become excited, enough that you are spurred to enroll in the GlucoCard program.

You eventually receive everything involved in the program, and it is a massive benefit to your life. With our assistance, you receive a lifestyle guide that you refer back to regularly, a portion management planner that makes food prep much more comfortable, and more.

We have seen many situations like the above hypothetical one play out in real life.

We believe that our clients deserve what we consider to be among the most transformative diabetes management resources available, and therefore why we have had years of success in the Rio Grande Valley.

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