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GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ Wellness and Support Program

We offer this program from Arkray. The Wellness and Support Program includes a guide to living well, a planner for food portions, and other handy tools for managing diabetes. The quarterly newsletter has advice for maintaining an active lifestyle, recipes, and more. Managing diabetes is more than a task and a half by a considerable degree, and we want you to have every resource that will make it less difficult.

ArkCare Wellness - Data Management

This software will collect actual test results concerning how your lifestyle and glucose levels correlate. Of all the diabetes management software that’s available on the market, we wish to promote this one in conjunction with the GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ Wellness and Support Program. We want you to feel that your daily life and desire for safe blood sugar levels meet.

Personalized Contracting for Self-Funded Plans

“Self-funded” is when an employer is the owner of the insurance of their workforce. We offer contracting for an employer’s specific employee insurance needs. Many companies are looking at self-funded insurance for a variety of reasons instead of a more traditional one, and we want to be a helpful part of your process. Make sure that your employees have the coverage that you feel benefits them the most.

Medical Billing

A part of our exceptional service is that we will handle all the billing. Today, healthcare costs are a big financial concern for American’s, and we are giving this service because it aligns with our mission to make life easier for our customers. Alongside our great medical equipment and personalized contracting, our responsibility for tackling your medical bills are held to the utmost professional standard.

FREE Door to Door Delivery

Our professional and courteous drivers will create a personalized experience for you. We guarantee a friendly face with deep knowledge of our medical products that delivers on time. You don’t have to fear any late deliveries from an impersonal company. We have given great delivery service to our clients in the Weslaco area and beyond since late December of 2004, and we take pride in spreading out opportunities for pleasant face to face interaction. In the age of Amazon and other retail providers, there’s an increased lack of community and culture that in person transactions give, even if it’s on a small level.
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