ArkCare Wellness - Data Management

ArkCare Data Management

Miracle Medical’s relationship with Arkray means that not only do we offer their effective GLUCOCARD® YouChoose Wellness and Support Program, but alongside it, the ArkCare wellness data management software.

ArkRay has the ARK Care Advance, a system for diabetes management in real time. We promise that you won’t have to worry about how your lifestyle is affecting your glucose levels or vice versa. Now, you can have hard data whenever you desire, allowing you to go about your business free from worrisome thoughts.

More direct information about ArkCare’s data management can be found directly on their website.

If you are on this web page, there’s a good chance that you are already aware of our promotion of the GlucoCard Wellness and Support Program from Arkray (and if you aren’t, here’s a link to its page). If so, there’s a question that arises about how this page relates to the wellness program. We can answer that by asking you to consider if our following imagined situation resonates with you.

You are feeling happy and free from a lot of stress if you signed up for the wellness program we offer from Arkray. You have been taking full advantage of what the program provides, but over time, you develop a nagging worry:

You worry that your glucose levels are still not to your satisfaction. You are making a stellar effort to control with both the wellness program and the right medical supplies from us to manage your diabetes – but, it’s still not enough. How should you deal with your concern?

You look up information on our website and see something that will help you: information about Arkray’s product, the ARK Care Advance, software that tracks how your daily habits are affecting your glucose levels. You are convinced to try to implement it into your diabetes management routine, out of the desire to better understand and deal with fluctuating glucose levels.

Thanks to our handy promotion, you now have greater control over implementing appropriate lifestyle modifications for your diabetes. You can make use of hard data, along with other tools for diabetes management, like Arkray’s wellness program and our orthopedic equipment.

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