Three More Diabetes Friendly Breakfast Meals

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Breakfast is widely considered to be the most important meal of the day, for good reason. When you’re groggily stumbling out of bed, your energy levels are at a low point, and your stress levels are high. Aside from a good tooth brushing and a warm cup of coffee, a satisfying breakfast meal can be the big boost that jets you out the door to brave the day.

It can be unfortunate for people with certain chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, to miss out on the joys of breakfast due to their blood sugar levels. Fortunately, there’s tons of options for diabetes friendly breakfast meals, and we feature just three of them in a previous article on this topic.

After scouring the internet for more diabetes friendly meals that are as equally nutritious as they are delicious, we’ve come up with a second article that features three more of them.

1. Salmon

We’ve featured salmon in previous food related articles before, but it’s coming up again here on its strengths as a healthy, fatty source of protein. Salmon has omega-3’s, which can make your brain healthier. Aside from the fact that salmon is a literal brain food, its taste is a strong bonus, being satisfying and smooth in a way that’s distinct from chicken. More people should include fish meat in their diet, and there’s few better inclusions than salmon.

Salmon can be grilled on a stove top, or baked, and served on a dish with eggs cooked in olive oil.

2. Sausage Omelet

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Fish is great and all, but there’s a good reason why eggs and meats are a popular staple food for diabetics. Aside from their yummy taste, eggs and meat have healthy fats and protein that increase energy levels without spiking blood sugar, and causes satiety. With that in mind, an omelet mixed with sausages sounds like a great meal.

You can cook the sausages first, then cooks the eggs on a different skillet before mixing them together.

3. English Muffin With Whole Grains

If you like meat, but are tired of having it so often, then we’re happy to recommend you a hearty muffin made with whole grains. Not only do whole grain muffins fill you up, they do it without potentially harmful blood sugar spikes that regular muffins can cause.


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Breakfast should be enjoyed by everyone, even people with diabetes.

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