Three Reasons To Have An Annual Check Up

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This year has been one of the most noteworthy, infamous ones in medical record for one big reason: coronavirus. There has been few upendings of societal norms as when coronavirus started its insidious spread across the globe in early 2020. It’s during times such as this when we are all advised to practice common, necessary hygiene practices for the good of our fellow people.

However, we would be remiss to mention that, even when the worse aspects of the pandemic have started to really abate, you should still practice good hygiene habits. Not just hygiene habits, but overall health as reflected by your dietary and lifestyle choices. In times of pandemic and normalcy, life can be fleeting, and it’s all in our best interest to check in with medical professionals.

We created this list so that we could go more into detail as to why you should always remember to have an annual check up.

1. You Can Stop A Bad Habit

One of the good parts of an annual check up is that they function as lifestyle accountability: you can have an educated professional examine how the you’ve been living has impacted you. If you lack that accountability, then you’re at risk of continuing to hurt yourself in ways that might not seem immediately obvious until it’s too late to make a difference.

Imagine if you didn’t know that your medication was affecting your cholesterol levels, or that you were starting to develop kidney stones because of your eating habits; awful, right?

2. You Could Get A Useful Diagnosis

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As mentioned earlier, with an annual check up, you can see if your habits are causing adverse health issues. Going further, you can also see if you start to develop an illness that wasn’t stimulated by anything specific in particular. If you have a family history of diabetes or blindness, then during an annual check up, you can know if you have specific conditions that show that you are developing a hereditary illness.

3. You Can Make Quantifiable Improvements

Annual checks aren’t once a decade type of situations; they are “annual” check ups, after all. With a yearly benchmark, you have the ability to see if any changes to your life have worsened or improved any issues.


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Please, remember to check in with your medical professional on an annual basis; you won’t regret it.

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