Three Diabetes Friendly Breakfast Meals

One of the problems that people have with diabetes is how it can interfere with having a broad palate. Due to a diabetic person’s blood sugar levels, they are often discouraged from eating foods such as white bread, or desserts, or anything that doesn’t contain a specific amount, or any kind, of sugar, carbohydrates and preservatives. If you have diabetes and you were used to a certain type of eating pattern, then making a huge adjustment for the sake of your longterm is difficult at first. If your favorite type of meal is breakfast, the discovering and sticking with a diabetes friendly eating pattern can be tricky at first.

We wanted to aid our diabetic readers, or the readers who know diabetic people, by creating a list that showcased at least three breakfast meals that won’t have an adverse effect.

1. Bacon and Eggs

Despite what you might have heard over the years, eggs can actually be very good for you because they contain the important nutrient choline, which lots of American’s suffer a deficiency in. Bacon also tends to get a bad reputation as well, but much of it is unfounded, since a very moderate consumption of bacon allows a person to get a decent amount of fat, as well as fats that allow for satiety or fullness.

If a person with diabetes were to eat a plate of bacon and eggs for breakfast, then they would be indulging in a protein rich meal that will satisfy them up until lunch – all without messing with blood sugar levels.

2. Pork Chop With Broccoli

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Yes, there are other parts of a pig that you can eat in the morning besides bacon, alongside a nice side of greens. A pork chop, even moreso than eggs and bacon, is a satisfactory source of protein that can be eaten with a side of broccoli. The health benefits of broccoli don’t enough praise, since they give your body the vitamins C and K that it needs.

Pork chops and broccoli are therefore a delicious, nutritious powerhouse of a breakfast meal.

3. Salad With Olive Oil

While the previously listed dishes have their appeal, they have little use for the people who want a lighter, more vegetarian inclusive option. A salad with olive oil, which contains antioxidants, can be exactly what many people want.


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A breakfast that won’t have a harmful effect on people with diabetes is one that should be celebrated.

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