How To Eat Healthy When You Travel

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Eating healthy meals or snacks as part of an overall healthy lifestyle can be a tricky thing to accomplish when your home bound. The difficulty increases when you factor in travel, whether it be something simple, like driving to and from work, or when its longer term and leisurely, like traveling abroad. If you are totally committed to sticking your healthy lifestyle changes, then it can be somewhat hard to eat healthy; gas stations, snack counters, and upscale restaurants aren’t exactly renown for consistently having nutrient dense and affordable food options. When it comes to traveling and eating healthy, it helps to think ahead of time.

We wrote this list to show our readers the ways that they can eat healthy when they travel.

1. Prep Healthy Meals In Portable Containers

This first tip is simple and popular, yet easy to overlook. With the abundance of cheap and easy microwave and fast food that’s out there, it becomes far too common to let those food choices take up the bulk of your eating while you travel, much to the detriment to your health and waistline.

If you make the effort to make healthy food at home and take them with you, you’re practicing healthy eating habits.

2. Always Check For Healthier Options On Menus

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While we earlier mentioned that restaurants aren’t renown for being all healthy, all the time, many places definitely have lighter dishes on their menu. Healthy options for restaurants includes skinless chicken breast, salmon, or salads.

Salads that have fruits and olive oil are especially appealing option for both taste and nutritional value. Be wary that many places have their healthier options be on the pricier side.

3. Learn To Wait During Certain Times

While the above tips are useful in a lot of instances, they aren’t always foolproof, like most things. There will be instances when you’re hungry and you want a healthy option, but there just isn’t any within your reach. In those instances, you have the choice to just forgo health eating for a little bit, or wait until a later time.

While it can be annoying to wait to eat when you’re hungry, depending on how stringent you are on your diet, it can help to just wait.


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Traveling and eating a healthy snack or meal don’t have to be separate.

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