How To Exercise While Traveling Abroad

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We will always encourage every person to be as physically fit as much as they possibly can. We truly believe that a healthy diet and exercise routine are the best tools available to beat back the menace of type-two diabetes. We know that you can be physically it wherever you are, whether it be at home or abroad. But, it can be trickier for people to stick with their workout regimen if they travel abroad, due to obvious constraints of time and resources; it’s not common for ordinary people to upend their home gym’s and take them with you, obviously.

But, nothing is ever truly impossible, and that includes maintaining an exercise routine when you’re far away from home. With that in mind, we created this list to explain the ways you can work out abroad.

1. Bring Light Weight Work Out Equipment

As much as some fitness enthusiasts might wish otherwise, mankind does not have the ability to levitate objects with their mind. If they could, lots of airplanes would by flying in the sky alongside giant work out rooms. We advise that if you want to bring workout equipment, they should be lightweight and compact, so as to not take up too much space.

Types of lightweight exercise gear includes barbells, jump rope, and running shoes.

2. Work Out Without Exercise Gear

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While this point seems obvious, it’s still worth pointing out: you don’t necessarily need exercise equipment in order to continue your routine. While, yes, in some cases some workouts can’t be replicated without the use of specific gear, that doesn’t mean that all effective workouts are off the table. So long as you remember which parts of your body you want to work on, then you can try jumping jacks, sit ups, pull ups, and jogging.

You can also use appliances such as lamps or books in order to lift weights – but we ask that you be careful so as to not hurt yourself or damage the items.

3. Eat Healthy

While it’s all well and good to focus on keeping to your workout routine, that doesn’t mean you should start to overlook the other part of a healthy life: diet. Diet and exercise are tightly linked when it comes to diabetes prevention, alongside preventing other lifestyle diseases.

If you remember to eat healthy when you’re abroad, then you’re doing your workouts a favor


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No matter where you are in the world, you can be healthy.

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