3 Ways To Stay Well During Summertime

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Unless you’ve been hiding out on a rock or tucking yourself away onto a secluded island, then you’ve probably heard about the coronavirus, or COVID-19. This disease has cast a long shadow on the day to day activities all over the world, and we will be still reeling from the after shock for years to come. In any circumstance, thinking about the long term ramifications of this disease and its effects is scary to contemplate, but there’s also the short term effects. For instance, can we ever enjoy summers the same way again after the cataclysmic disruption of the coronavirus?

We think that it’s best to think about diseases in a pragmatic, approachable way rather than dwelling on doom and gloom. To that end, we created this list which lists simple, yet effective things you can do during the summer to ensure that your safe from illness.

1. Stay Indoors As Much As Possible

The concept of “social distancing” has taken off like wildfire, for very good reason: the less people you are in close proximity to, the less of risk of a risk there is for the disease to spread. While during the summer, it’s common to stay out to enjoy the sun while traveling, the severtity of coronavirus pandemic begs for a much, much more conservative viewpoint: stay inside as much as you can.

Thankfully, there’s an abundance of entertainment that is accesable from home, so there’s no reason to balk at the idea of mostly staying indoors during summer.

2. Cover Your Mouth

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These next two hints are hammered home from early childhood to adulthood because it is so important to follow. Whenever possible, don’t risk spreading disease by opening your mouth either when you cough, or when you’re near someone who is.

Please, make sure to keep your mouth closed as much as you can in public.

3. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Your hands are the perfect petridish for diseases like the corona virus. Whenever you can, an especially after hand contact with someone, throughly wash your hands with soap in hot water for at least twenty seconds.

You can protect yourself and other people by keeping your hands clean.


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The summer can still be a time for safety and fun, so long as you are stringent in maintaining good hygiene in a time that’s risk of infection.

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