Three Ways to Protect Your Eyes

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What are most commonly considered to be the windows of the soul? If you answered “eyes”, then you’re right on the mark. One of the powerful gifts that humans have as a species is not just to see the world around us, but to fully intellectually grasp the beauty and complexities inherit in it. This is why it is so crucial that everyone have a vested interest in protecting your eyes. While some people lose their eyesight through age or illness, or aren’t born with it all, there is still hope for good eyesight for the billions out there.

We created this article in order to better go into detail about how you can protect your eyes.

1. Don’t Stare At The Sun Too Long

This first tip is among the first ever pieces of health advice a child will ever hear, and for good reason. While it’s vital for humans be exposed to natural sunlight, the sun is overwhelming when gazed at directly for an extended period of time. Eye pain and potential damage is especially prone to happen to the very young and old due to their lack of overall resilience to the elements.

While the sun is a great benefit to the human race, it can cause problems because of its overwhelming luminosity, so please be careful not too look at it for too long.

2. Don’t Keep Your Eyes Too Close To An Electronic Screen

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Having or indulging in too much of a good thing can be detrimental, and this goes with exposure to light sources. While humans need light in order to view the world, certain sources can cause negative effects after prolonged contact. Nowadays, while most people don’t have a particularly strong need or desire to look directly at the sun, that is not the case when it comes to using electronic screens from phones or computers.

Narrowing your eyes to look directly at electronic light for a long amount of time can cause eye strain and headaches

3. Wear Protective Googles Whenever Appropriate

There are certain circumstances in life, such as when you are traveling in a dusty, windy area or are in close proximity to sparks and flecks of of metal or wood, when it becomes important to wear protective goggles.

If you neglect to wear protective goggles in areas where there’s all types of stray hazards that can cause serious damage to your eyes, then you’re playing a fools game.


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Your eyes are your window to the world around us and should be taken care of.

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