3 Ways to Create a New Wellness Habit

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Human beings are slaves to habit in ways that we aren’t even neccesarily fully aware of. Sure, people tend to always wake up the same way, eat the same breakfasts, listen to the same songs on the radio on their way to work using their usual driving routes because society encourages us to be effecient and stable. This can be a good thing, but it can also be bad, due to the fact that human beings tend to be conservative when it comes to specific behaviors, and thus become engrained in them, and avoid going against the grain. This can lead to a cultivation of bad, or at least sub-optimal lifestyle choices such as oversleeping, bad diet, or smoking. It can be hard to create a positive habit if you are stuck with a bad habit for a long enough period of time.

We wrote this list to help out our readers who are struggling with sticking with good habits.

1. Write It Out Daily

A habit is just an activity until you keep choosing to do for a long enough period of time that it becomes an almost automatic impulse. Until that is the case, there’s a learning curve of sorts, where you remind yourself to make that choice enough times, that you start to think about it less and less. A good way to remind yourself is to write out done as a checklist that needs to be crossed out.

If it works with groceries, then it can work with habits.

2. Have An Accountability Buddy

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Accountability is an important part of keeping a habit because it creates an undeniable level of social expectations that can be heard to disregard. This means that if you choose to have someone else ask you, or remind you of what you need to be doing, then it can mean that you have more a incentive, psychologically speaking, to not be seen as lesser or lazy for not following through.

Humans are social creatures, and we place a lot of weight into how others perceive us, because it can give us a better sense of how we view ourselves.

3. Don’t Make It Overly Complicated

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Beatles didn’t start out with the White Album; creating something great takes time, and it starts with simple, realistic goals.

If your habits are too ambitious to practically do on a day to day basis, then you are setting yourself for failure.


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Good habits can be cultivated as long as you do them in an efficient way.

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