3 Good Nutrition Rules for Losing Weight

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Contrary to what some of our readers might think, weight loss isn’t this seemingly unknown thing with many different theories as to how it can be attained. By now, pretty much every respected and well educated medical professional will tell you that the rules for losing weight with food can be pretty simple when you get right down to it. In most cases, a doctor or dietician will tell you to sleep well, exercise, don’t eat excess calories, and focus on vegetables and other whole foods. However, that can end up messy due to the fact that people are complicated, and with that, comes the chance that some can misunderstand or overlook nutritional facts.

With this article, we want to help you out by giving three rules of thumb for good nutrition. You can always think back to these rules for weight loss no matter how old you are.

1. Don’t Focus on Processed Foods

This tip is a big one. A big problem today is the surplus of processed foods that have a distinct lack in essential nutrients. If a good chunk of your diet is calorie dense, low nutrient processed food, you risk increasing your waistline and depriving your body of vitamins that keep you active and happy. If you dedicate your time and attention to foods that contain protein, fiber, and other nutrients, then that means you won’t be at risk for vitamin deficiency and weight gain.

Processed foods give too little healthy things and too much calories.

2. Avoid Eating Too Late

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Weight gain and your bodies hormone cycles are strongly linked. If your hormones are thrown off balance, then you will gain more weight instead of maintaining or shedding pounds.

If you eat calorie dense junk food late at night, then you might not sleep well, or give your body proper time to ‘reset’ for the next day. This can result in weight gain due to your hormones.

3. Avoid Breaking Your Diet Too Much

Yes, cheat days can be a good part of an overall healthy life style. The thing with cheat days or the occasional sweet is that if they become a dietary staple, then you aren’t working towards improving your overall health as well as you should.

The trick with diets is too think of them as a lifestyle that you want to mostly adhere to, 90% of the time. This means that you have to try to make your good/indulgent foods ratio stay that way, as opposed to a 50/50 or 40/60 split.


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A good understanding of certain nutrition concepts is a vitally important part of losing weight.

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