Why Elderly Women Should Strength Train

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Stereotypes are much too limiting. If you think about what an athletic, healthy person is, your mind might conjure up an image of a broadly smiling, young, blond muscular man or woman running on a beach, or lifting heavy weights. The message that those stereotypical images send is as clear as day: exercise is a young person’s game. And building strength specifically? Well, we tend to think of the strongest person in the world as being a male figure, a Superman or an Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To all that, we say: nonsense! Anyone, even elderly women, can be strong and fit. Speaking of elderly women, they often don’t think of working to build strength if they have an active lifestyle. This is despite the fact that many older women would receive huge benefits from improving their strength.

With this article, we aim to show older women why they should look into strength training.

1. You Can Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis is an awful affliction that many geriatric people suffer through as a result of their bones losing the strength they once had due to the rigors of age and inactivity. Being inactive is an especially common issue that leads to arthritis because the body loses the resiliency it once had due to lack of use. If you strength train, you are preventing that possibility because you’re exercising joints and limbs that are at risk of developing arthritis.

Consistent physical practice keeps the body active and helps prevent it’s slow decay.

2. You Can Prevent Heart Disease

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Heart disease is a sadly common problem that many older women must fight against. Type-2 diabetes rates have taken off recently, and that can lead to heart problems as well. When you strength train, you’re keeping your heart healthy by pumping it. You’re also shedding excess weight, which can directly affect your cholesterol and triglycerides for the better.

If you have low weight, your cholesterol levels won’t be in the red, which means that your heart won’t suffer from clogged arteries.

3. You Can Improve Your Energy Levels

On top of preventing chronic or even fatal diseases, strength training is just a plain wonderful way to put more spring in your step. Many geriatric women lack the energy of their younger peers, and dedication towards a strenuous workout routine could mean that they’ll be more active and excited in the long run.

Your health and overall demeanor could improve drastically.


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If you are an older women, then we want you to put aside your preconceived notions of what a strength training enthusiast is. If you try it, then you might like it. You’re not getting any younger, after all.

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