Even More Health Apps for Diabetes Management

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We hope that the overall message this article gives is: we weren’t kidding when we explained that there’s a big amount of apps aimed at diabetes management. You know, it can be easy to take for granted the wonders of the modern age. While it’s easy for an elderly person to grouse about how kids spend too much time on their phones, many useful things can be found on those devices. The best part of modern tech is how it’s always improving on itself, with many apps having newer versions that provide more improved aspects in a relatively brief period of time. This is especially true in today’s healthcare field, which is fighting against a massive tide of type-2 diabetes.

Once again, we will showcase some pretty awesome apps that can be used by you or someone you love.

1. Diabetes M

This app has a pretty unique and interesting sounding name. This app has a solid review score of 4.5 with over 500,000 downloads on the Google play score. It’s hard not to see why this app has good buzz surrounding it when you take into account what it offers.

This app will not just help keep your blood glucose on track, but it has a bar code scanner to ensure that what you eat is optimal for your health.

2. Diabetes Connect

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On the Google play store, this app’s description page shows that it has an average rating of 3.4 with over 100,000 downloads. Those numbers sound impressive, and the app’s features back them up. The interface is simple, allowing for an easy way to document your glucose levels. With this app, you can monitor your blood sugar levels and meals, while also synchronizing with various devices.

You also have the ability to input other type of facts about your self, such as medications, exercises, and mood levels. Not many apps offer that kind of flexibility.

3. BlueStar Diabetes

“BlueStar” is just a flat out cool sounding name, and thankfully this app offers features that are tantalizing for people with diabetes. On Google play, this app has a score of 4.2 with approximately 10,000 downloads. Like the previously listed apps, it allows for tracking of glucose levels, along with other metabolic stats.

The app also allows the user to print out a report that can be given to a clinical team for assistance.


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Suffice to say, there’s more to this topic, and we hope that you look forward to reading more in the future.

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