3 Excellent Ways to Relieve Stress

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Lately, there’s been an avalanche of attention brought to the seeming tidal wave of lifestyle and genetic diseases that hurt people around the world. Type-2 diabetes! Cancer! Depression! The Coronavirus! All of these issues, and others that haven’t been mentioned, are serious ones that need to be dealt with. Certainly, nobody’s life was worse after being told they need to be wary of cancer.

But, what can get lost in all of that health discourse are the problems that stem from a silent killer of sorts, one that affects pretty much everyone at one point in their lives or another: stress. Chronic stress is such a bad problem today: everyone, it seems, is overworked and underpaid, grappling with personal health issues, money troubles, school, and family. That’s not even getting into the stress of living in a society in the grips of weather and economic concerns on a massive scale due to climate change. Stress can be a killer for so many people, but it doesn’t have to be.

We earnestly believe that despite how bad things can seem, and how debilitating stress is, there are small things you can do to manage.

1. You Can Walk Outside

As simplistic as this tip sounds, it can work wonders. A big problem with culture today is how disconnected we all are from nature and each other. Instead, we focus on work and career goals, things that don’t really give us satisfaction or peace of mind so much as a check mark on a list. We urge you to, every now and again, forget the feeling of being confined into your house or cubicle by your responsibilities and instead walk outside and be with nature.

When you clear your mind and start breathing fresh air instead of putting inordinate focus on problems in the moment, you can ‘reset’ or at least lower your anxieties.

2. You Can Listen To Ambient Sounds

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Modern life is a cacophony of harsh sounds that prod you to be awake and alert, from sun up to sun down. It can help to choose to listen to more harmonious, ambient sounds, like gentle music or raindrops. These types of sounds can have a calming affect, much like walking in nature, or taking a nap.

This doesn’t seem like much, but it can change your mood if you focus on ambient sounds, and not allow yourself to be bogged down by your problems.

3. Moderate Amount of Exercise

Exercise can be the enemy of stress. This is because exercise releases endorphins, positive hormones that encourage excitement and attentiveness rather than anxiety or panic.

It really can’t be underestimated what a good workout can have on your psyche.


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Don’t let stress keep you down. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to be just a little bit more relaxed.

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