Three More Health Apps for Diabetes Management

Once again, we return to see what else is in the well of good health apps for people with diabetes. As we explained in our previous article on this subject, there’s a large abundance of apps out there that covers a wide swath of specific health topics; these topics can range anywhere from vegetarian focused meal plans, calorie counters, exercise lists, and so on. However, the topic that resonates most with our audience, which is diabetes and weight management, is yet again what we will focus on.

The apps listed in this article aren’t neccesarily listed in order of importance, and we recommend that you download and utilize all of them. The more tools you have in your tool belt, the better.

1. Lose It!

On the official website for this app, it proudly boasts that they’re responsible for the collective lose of 87,279,899 pounds. With a number of that size, you can’t argue that the Lose It app is a bad investment. The collective list of features for this app, culled from the free and 3.99 premium editions, are spectacular, offering things such as calorie tracking, nutrition insight reporting, DNA insights, and more.

The scope of features for this app is why it’s featured as first in this article; that isn’t to say that the next two listed apps are a step down in quality by any means.

2. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

Much like the website front page of Lose It!, the Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker app’s Apple store page also boasts an impressive claim: “The #1 Diabetes Management App for Over 10 Years.” Again, this claim is nothing to sneeze at, and it’s backed up by the apps list of features: a 12 week diabetes education plan, a tracker for your blood sugar, a meal log, and much more.

This app is one of the best that is out there on the market, so it really should be a no-brainer for you to download.

3. mySugr

The “Our Offerings” page on the mySugr website states their app has 2 million users; that’s a big number. While obviously a smaller number, the fact that they have a rating of 4.6 is impressive as well. Another big selling point for this app is their offer of personal coaching.

Not many apps allow you to have direct access to a personal coach in order to have conversations about your personal health; why not make good use of an opportunity like that?


We hope that this list, like the one that preceded it, enriches your life.

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