3 More Good Health Food Stores

When we were researching for our previous article on the topic of health food stores, we were stunned by the amount that are out there. There were tons of health food stores on a national and local level, online and offline. There’s just so much health focused stores that narrowing down the list to just three doesn’t really some like enough. However, we know that your time is precious, so we will opt to focus on three more food stores that you can check out.

We hope that you enjoy reading this list, because we want to showcase more health food stores in the future.

1. Mount of Olives.com

In the “About Us” page on the Mount of Olives website, they boast that they have over 40 years of combined experience, and give their customers specialized health foods and supplements. The owner’s claims on their experience and variety in food types they sell might seem appealing, but it means nothing if their products don’t back them up.

Thankfully, a cursory view of their products reveals that they sell supplements from brands such as Nature’s Plus and Sunfood. That’s a value that lots of other similar health food stores lack.

2. Vitacost.com

The Vitacost online health store has been selling health foods and supplements for over 25 years, and their stock is a veritable treasure trove of nutrient dense products. You can purchase food products that are: gluten free, organic, non-GMO, Vegetarian, Kosher and more! Vitacost’s selection of brands is even more generous, and it includes: Simple Truth, 10th Avenue, Abbey Farm, Almondia, and many more.

The choices on the Vitacost website are as overwhelming as they are effective, so feel free to explore it as much as you want.

3. Earth Born Market

This store is actually located within the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, where Miracle Medical is located. We wanted to show one store that is local to the majority of our reading audience, who mostly reside in the RGV. Earth Born Market sells products such as cold-pressed juice and local honey; they also offer a menu. On the menu, there are food items such fruit bowls, yogurt, and waffles. We will always support local, healthy businesses.


We will make more articles about health food stores in the future.

Monday-Friday (8:30am-5:00pm)​
1020 Palm Parkway, Weslaco, TX
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