Three More Good Desk Exercises

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It’s been a little while since we have delved back onto the topic of effective desk exercises. We hope that in the time since our last article on the subject, you’ve incorporated the previously listed exercises within your busy life. Believe us, even a little commitment to practicing desk exercises can go a long way towards living a healthier life.

Today, there’s an epidemic of diseases that stem from sedentary lifestyles, such as type two diabetes, and we want to do everything in our power to prevent more people from suffering such diseases. With that in mind, we also want to give you good news: we’re creating yet another article about easy and effective desk exercises.

The following exercises aren’t listed in order of importance; they’re all equally good, and it’s ultimately up to you if you want to practice them, and then decide which one was more beneficial towards you.

1. Finger Stretches

This is probably one of the most straightforward exercises that we could find. This activity is especially important for many office workers because it can prevent one of the prevalent injuries in workplaces: carpal tunnel syndrome. Finger stretches can be done on almost any flat surface. First, you place your outstretched hand on a desk, ensuring that your palm is flat and that you aren’t moving any joints in your fingers.

For a minimum of thirty seconds, and a maximum of one minute, keep your fingers stretched. Then, you stop stretching your hand, and then repeat the activity for your other hand.

2. Walking in Place

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This exercise is also straightforward sounding. First, you stand upwards in front of your chair, making sure that your spine is straightened.

Next, you walk in place for a minimum of thirty seconds and a maximum of one minute – just like the previous exercise. You can repeat this activity for whatever amount of reps.

3. Box Against Thin Air

As strange as this activity might sound at first, boxing against thin air, or more commonly “shadow boxing” is a popular and fun exercise that can be done at your desk.

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like: you box against nothing, which increases your heart rate, making it a good alternative to other types of cardio exercises like jogging. It’ll also make you feel cool, like George Foreman or Muhammad Ali.


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We will keep creating lists on this topic in the future for the benefit of our wonderful audience. There’s a plethora of other desk activities that we can’t wait to talk about.

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