Three More Diabetes-Friendly Holiday Desserts

A week has passed since we posted an article, and the holiday season is ramping up. People are still Christmas shopping and will be doing so until Christmas, and those who observe other winter holidays, such as Hanukkah, are also getting necessary items. In between all the shopping and planning, people love to indulge in holiday treats, even if too much can be bad for them.

As long as there are diabetic people with sweet tooths, there will be diabetes-friendly recipes. We know that recipes like the ones we featured on our last list and in this one can be a lifesaver for people with diabetes who want to indulge in the festivities with friends and family members without putting their health at risk.

What’s great about the dessert recipes we’re featuring is that they taste just as good as the typical, sugary kind.

We’ll start this list with a less traditional, but no less delectable, holiday snack with almonds.

1. Almond Snowball Cookies with Almond Flour

A snowball is a uniquely soft, almost chewy cookie often made from a handful of ingredients. They can have nuts like pistachios or pecans mixed in, but this recipe calls for almonds, a particularly healthy nut. Almond flour is also beneficial for people with diabetes, as it doesn’t raise their blood sugar like conventional flour can.

This recipe requires butter, salt, vanilla extract, almonds, and shredded coconut almond flour. Mix most of these ingredients, except the coconut flakes, into a bowl until you create a dough. You scoop out the dough, place the balls onto a sheet covered with parchment paper, then coat the balls with the coconut flakes. You then place the sheet into a freezer until the balls have turned hard. Finally, place the sheet with the hardened dough into an oven and bake at 320 degrees for 19 to 21 minutes.

This recipe is so good that we guarantee you’ll keep making it the following year.

2. Sugar Free Lemon Loaf with Almond Flour

Here’s another recipe that uses almond flour. The appeal of lemon loaves is their combination of sweetness, tartness, and savoriness.

Lemons can be a healthy ingredient. They are very high in vitamin C and reduce your risk of kidney stones and getting digestive troubles. Typical lemon tarts often have too much sugar, but this recipe offers a fantastic taste without a crazy amount of sugar.

This recipe asks for lemon juice, lemon zest, almond flour, full-fat sour cream, baking powder, vanilla extract, butter, stevia, and eggs. Mix the butter, vanilla extract, sour cream, baking powder, salt, and almond flour. Pour the bowl mixture into a loaf pan and place it into an oven. Finally, heat the oven to 325 degrees and bake for 22 to 25 minutes.

To make this loaf even sweeter and healthier, you can add lemon slices on top.

3. Keto Dark Chocolate Pudding

Yes, who doesn’t love a good holiday pudding? While Christmas time is the time of year when relatives bring over figgy pudding, we wanted to spotlight another Christmas favorite: chocolate pudding!

Yes, even chocolate has health benefits. To be more specific, it’s dark chocolate that can be healthy. Dark chocolate has many antioxidants and minerals like magnesium and iron and has been shown to lower inflammation. This recipe is by far the easiest and less time-consuming on this list, which is a huge plus in its favor.

Keto dark chocolate pudding requires unsweetened canned coconut milk, stevia, and 90% extra dark chocolate. First, place all the ingredients on a stove, and put it over medium heat.

Do this until the chocolate melts. Whisk the mixture, and let it cool for a few hours. Then, you may pour out the mixture into bowls and cups, and presto!


We hope you make and enjoy the above-listed recipes for the holidays. We wish you all Happy Holidays!

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