Instagram Image Showcase #11

We wish our readers a Happy New Year! Yes, the door to 2022 is closed, and we’ve just taken our first steps into 2023. We hope our followers have a better year than the last, whether good, bad, or inbetween. We appreciate our blog’s loyal readers and our social media followers, and we have a lot in store for those audiences.

We wanted to kick off the new year by looking back at the images we posted on our company’s Facebook page and the Instagram of our sister website, Rage Sports Bracing. Yes, this will be our eleventh installment of this series.

We will start our list by examining an image of an all-too-neglected breakfast meal.

1. The Benefits of Overnight Chia Oats

We found an in-depth article on why overnight chia oats were so good for people with diabetes. We admit we weren’t the biggest fans of chia oats before reading this article, but it changed our minds. Thus, we wanted to make a picture that had a picture of really tasty-looking chia oats.

It took us some searching before we found the above photo. The colors made the chia oats look reminiscent of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream. The warm and appealing colors made the already delectable picture of chia oats in a class cup look spectacular.

Our message goes along great with the image. We know that the image will make any observer want to try overnight chia oats.

2. Turmeric Is More Useful Than You Think

Not long after we read the article on overnight chia oats and made the previously-listed image, we wanted to look up more foods that could help people with diabetes. We decided to focus on turmeric after reading an article about its health benefits for people with diabetes.

Unlike chia oats, we were already partly familiar with turmerics’ favorable health properties, but the article inspired us to make the image you see above.

We knew that the image had to include turmeric and the color orange. The trick was to look for a somewhat appealing photo. Luckily, we came across the one you see above. The inclusion of the bright orange turmeric powder helped make a strong contrast with the turmeric behind it. The image’s sunny and warm tone helps convey our message.

The key to making this image and the one about chia oats was having appealing, bright colors.

3. Wounds and Diabetes Symptoms

This image was inspired by people with diabetes we knew personally. We know that healing can take longer for people with diabetes; thus, a slow healing sign can also function as a symptom of the illness.

We wanted warm, light, and inviting colors like the last two images. Still, we also wanted to challenge ourselves by featuring an even simpler photograph that evoked healing imagery without being too gross or bloody.

This photograph of two bandages making an X shape was perfect for us. It was straightforward, had warm tones, and, combined with our message, helped create a dynamite image.


We hope that the first week of 2023 goes well for you. Next week, we will have the twelfth installment in this series.

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