Instagram Image Showcase #12

We’re back! We hope you have had a good week since we last posted an article in this series.

If your last seven days went well, we hope it signals good things for the rest of 2023. If not, if you’ve had a bad or at least stressful week, then we hope that the remainder of the year is better for you.

We have loads of these pictures saved up, so we won’t have a low supply of potential subject matter for this series soon.

With that in mind, we want to start this list with an image based on a common issue many people with diabetes struggle with.

1. Diabetes and Constant Fatigue Issues

The genesis of this image came from knowing many people in our personal lives who had signs of chronic fatigue leading up to their diabetes diagnosis.

We wanted to make this picture to remind our followers to check if they’re constantly tired since it may very well be a sign that they’re going to get diabetes and that they might be able to stop their condition from worsening.

We contemplated looking for a photograph of a person sleeping on a bed to help go along with our text but decided it was too obvious.

We ultimately landed on the photo seen above. We liked that it showed a tired child, clearly trying to go about their day, but still fatigued, rather than someone asleep on a bed. The picture shows how fatigue can affect someone in their day-to-day activities and that it’s not equivalent to taking a nap.

We also liked that the image had blueish tones to give off a cold and melancholy feel.

2. The Power of Legumes

This image is based on knowledge we already had about legumes. Legumes can be a valuable food for a person with diabetes, and we wanted to show off all the different types.

We found a perfect photograph that showed off several kinds of legumes understandably and appealingly by separating them into different square piles.

The colors are warm, which also helps to make the image more inviting. The legumes look appetizing because they are shown in a bright and organized manner.

3. Short Walks and Reducing Diabetes Risk

Unlike the other two on this list, the inspiration behind this image was an article on the health benefits of daily walks for people with diabetes.

We decided that for this topic, we’d use a clear, obvious, yet visually interesting photograph to match our message. We fell in love with the above picture of two people walking on an outdoor trial while one is guiding a dog on a leash.

It’s such a perfect encapsulation of what can make walking outdoors daily so appealing: the green environment, the chance to talk with others, the opportunity to play with pets, and how it can keep you active.

The intensely natural colors also help communicate our message.


As we wrote at the start of this list, we won’t run out of custom-made images to discuss for the foreseeable future. We hope that when you post another article in this series, you’ll be happy to read it.

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