Instagram Image Showcase #13

And so, the first month of the new year is over. We hope that all of our loyal readers had a good month. Valentine’s day is around the corner, and we’re sure many couples are looking forward to that.

There are also an equally large number of singles who feel the opposite. Whoever you are, we appreciate that you’re reading this newest installment in our Instagram Image Showcase.

We will start this list with an image that has a delicious theme.

1. A Tasty and Healthy Egg Sandwich

We at Miracle Medical are big fans of eggs. Eggs are an excellent food for people with diabetes, and a well-made egg sandwich made with healthy ingredients such as wheat bread, olive oil, and veggies should be a staple breakfast food.

This image’s inspiration was our love for egg sandwiches, not a news article.

We knew we had to seek out a perfectly appealing egg sandwich photograph, and we took some time to find it. We wanted it to be a close-up portrayal to make it seem appetizing. We decided on the image you see above.

We love that the most eye-catching parts of the image are in the center, beneath the text, which helps to convey our message.

2. The Pain of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

This image is the exact opposite in terms of apparent visual appeal when compared to the one about egg sandwiches. However, our message is no less sincere. Also, unlike the last image, this one was inspired by a news article about diabetic foot ulcers.

We wanted a photograph for our custom image, but the trick was to find one of a diabetic foot that wasn’t so difficult to look at.

We eventually decided on the one you see above. We chose not to have a photo of diseased feet, as we were worried that it would detract too much from the message.

As it stands, we like this image’s muted color palette.

3. Black and Green Tea

Speaking of color, this image is in between the first image on this list and the second. It has color, yes, but it could be more vibrant. Regarding messaging, like with the second image, we were inspired to make it about green or black tea because of an article.

We know that coffee gets a lot of love because of its health benefits, but we wanted our followers to consider trying green or black tea.

We found many lovely photographs of tea cups, and we settled on this one. We liked the warm yet subtle combination of colors like pink, light green, white, gold, and golden brown. It’s an image that does an exceptional job of making green or black tea desirable.

We hope this has prompted our followers to implement green or black tea into their diets.


We will return with another installment of this series. We’re sure that you’ll read it as soon as it is posted.

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