Instagram Image Showcase #14

Hello, again! We couldn’t be happier having our followers read this series’s latest installment.

February still has some life; Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl are rapidly approaching.

That’s a ton of emotional highs and lows to pack into a single, shorter-than-average month.

We will start this list with an image about a topic that can be a massive pain to people.

1. The Dangers of Diabetes and UTI’S

We wanted to make this image based on past experiences with diabetic friends and family members who suffered from a UTI. They informed us that, because of their diabetes, they got UTIs more than most people, and we knew that we needed to remind our followers of that reality.

We wanted this image to have a neutral photograph, which was tricky considering the subject matter.

We came upon the idea of selecting a photo that featured a clean toilet or restroom to go along with our topic in a tasteful, restrained manner.

We found the above photograph and liked that it featured a lot of the color white. The colors white, dark gray, and beige work well together.

2. The Power of Mindfulness

We read an article about how people with diabetes should practice mindfulness to lower their glucose, and we thought, “Yep, that’s another topic for a custom image!”

We didn’t want the image to have any actual blood but did want to have a photo of someone meditating.

Thankfully, the internet is overflowing with photographs of people practicing meditation, and it took us a little while to narrow it down to one choice.

We chose the above photo because it was simple, having only one woman in a sparsely decorated room, and it had subdued shades of primary colors. We liked the combination of blue, light brown, red, white, and black.

We crafted an image that induced a sense of calm in whoever looked at it.

3. Diabetes and Early Menopause

We read the article about how diabetes in young women can lead to early menopause right after reading the article about meditation’s health benefits.

We were unaware that young women with diabetes could get into menopause early, and we knew we could make an intriguing image based on that fact. We choose not to have photographs of young women with diabetes or illustrations of menopause. We wanted a more abstract, meditative image with a muted color palette.

We searched around for a bit, but it took us less time than when we looked for meditating people.

We adore the calm and quiet sadness of the above photograph, of the isolated woman in front of the broad, reflective lake. The fact that it features a solitary woman helps communicate the fact that early menopause can make the woman it occurs to feel sad and distant from others.

The image has quiet ruddiness, but we don’t think it’s drab. It as an understated beauty.


We hope your Valentine’s Day goes well and that watching the Super Bowl is a good time, even if your team doesn’t win. We’ll keep posting articles about our custom images and explaining their creation, don’t worry.

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