Instagram Image Showcase #15

February is gone. We hope that our followers had a great Valentine’s Day. Or at least one where they weren’t feeling too lonely.

The next major holiday will be Easter, when stores are filled with baskets of plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies. We hope our readers have a peaceful and fulfilling Easter if they celebrate it.

We also look forward to explaining more of our custom-made social media images.

We will start this list by examining an image themed around sleep and a chronic illness.

1. Chronic Insomina and the Increased Risk

We were researching for an unrelated article when we came across one about the link between chronic insomnia and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. We knew we could make an image around that topic, so we did that very same day.

We knew we wanted to use a photograph that conveyed the idea of insomnia.

We searched and found many images of people tossing and turning in their sleep, but we thought they needed to be more visually distinct. However, we found the image above and felt it was perfect.

The muted colors conveyed the idea of sleep, and what made it even better was the silhouette of the woman sitting on her mattress. This image perfectly represents insomnia’s difficulties, so we added our information to it.

2. Lowering the Amount of Processed Food in a Diet

We crafted this image based on what we already knew about the link between processed food and type 2 diabetes. The trick here was to find a specific picture of processed food that wasn’t too visually cluttered or chaotic. We found the above photograph of various hot dogs topped with and surrounded by condiments.

We liked the image because, while it had a lot going on, there was still a basic unified idea. The color palette was bright but different enough from the white text to make a good contrast.

Hot dogs are a prevalent processed food, so their presence helps draw the viewer’s interest. This makes our message hit harder.

3. Elders, Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer Mortality Rate

This image has the most emotionally devastating theme on this list, so we knew we had to pick an appropriate photograph. We didn’t want it to be too dark, sad, and shadowy, so it took us some time to find the most suitable image.

Eventually, we focused on a more abstract representation of our concept. The above image is of a hand holding onto the wrist of someone wearing a medical bracelet. This photo has muted colors, but you can still see the subjects.

It conveys the idea of fragility, intimacy, and healthcare without it being overly blatant. We think this image is the most evocative and effective one on this list.


Easter is approaching, and we’re certain that our followers who celebrate it are excited. We hope that they have a similar level of anticipation for our next article in this series.

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