Instagram Image Showcase #16

The Easter holiday is getting closer and closer as the days go by. And with Easter comes a variety of other special occasions. Students are about to experience Spring Break, which may be especially memorable since the COVID pandemic has been declared to be over.

We hope that students take care of themselves during Spring Breaks while still having a good time.

Daylight savings time is about to set in, which we know invites a lot of mixed reactions in people. Some people don’t mind daylight savings, and those who hate it; to those who do, we hope it doesn’t mess with your daily routine or sleep cycle too much.

Yes, March promises a lot of changes, but you can rely on us to keep posting our custom-made images and updating our blog. With that in mind, we will start this article by looking at a food-focused custom image.

1. Brown Rice Vs. White Rice

This image’s topic came from what we already knew. We wanted to share that brown rice is a healthier alternative to white rice for people with diabetes. We knew we wanted a photograph that wasn’t just brown rice and instead had it placed on a plate.

We found several photographs that fit that description but ultimately decided on the one you see above because of its colors. White has brown rice, and it contrasts nicely with the white plate; the addition of the colors orange and green from the vegetables makes it more visually appealing.

The tricky part of making custom images that features food on plates is they can be too muddy or flat due to a lack of variety in color.

The image we made communicates our message because it includes the subject matter in a way that isn’t monotonous. It makes for an exciting contrast with the following picture on this list…

2. The Health Benefits of Purple Vegetables

Yes, this image is very, very purple. Also, this image was inspired by an article about the health benefits of purple cabbages and figs.

We decided to have a photo of just purple cabbages because they made more of a visual impact.

We also knew that we needed to have the image heavily feature purple. We were elated when we found the above photograph since the sheer volume of orange cabbages makes it distinct.

Our usage of pure white text makes this image even more distinct. Our final picture on this list is similar but more restrained…

3. The Joys of Dried Apricots

This image is on a similar creative wavelength as the preceding one, and that’s by design. The above image and the one featuring purple cabbages were made simultaneously and based on two articles about healthy foods.

We wanted a less overwhelming image of apricots, although we still wanted it to be eye-catching. We decided on the above photo, which has dried apricots on a plate.

The subtle oranges of the apricots are made to stand out from the white and dark brown on the plate, the muted beige of the table, and the dark background.

We made apricots appealing in a different yet no less effective manner than their purple cabbage-heavy counterpart.


We want the rest of your March to be a great one. Be careful because April Fools is right around the corner. Don’t worry; we won’t play a joke on you; we intention instead to have another great article.

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