A New Look At Health Food Stores

It’s April! Don’t worry; this article isn’t an April Fool’s prank. Instead, we want to use this article to showcase different health food-focused websites.

We’ve published quite a few of these articles already, but there are so many online health food stores, we had to make another article on the subject. We’d be foolish to to.

We intend to write many more articles on this topic, which we’re confident our followers will be ecstatic to know!

We will start off this article by examining an online health food store with a fruit-focused name.

1. Fruitful Yield Health Foods

This online store has a great-looking website with many great products for you to buy.

This store was founded in 1962 by Elwood Richard, and his store abides by the golden rule: “treat others how you want to be treated.” Considering how long they’ve been in business, following that rule has worked well for them.

They sell products that include Carbonaut Gluten-Free Bagels, Kitu Super Coffee, and Super Mills Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies.

2. Direct Eats

This online food store primarily provides many food products aimed at people with food allergies. The company’s founders, Dawn and John, have made it their mission to ensure transparency with what they sell and earn their customer’s trust.

They sell Gluten Free Waffle & Pancake Mix, Raw Pecan Butter with Cashews, and Otto’s Naturals – Cassava Flour.

What makes this store unique is that they sell “discovery boxes.” Discovery boxes contain a mixture of food that can accommodate people with gluten, peanut, and other types of allergies.

3. Sunfood Superfoods

This San Diego-based store prides itself on providing sustainably harvested foods. Many online stores make this claim, but if you browse the website, you’d see that this one backs it up.

Like Direct Eats, this store also aims to accommodate those with food sensitivities. They offer foods that are organic, non-GMO, kosher, ethically sourced, vegan, gluten-free, and so on.

They sell Goji Berries, Caco Powder, Pomegranate Powder, and Hemp Seed Powder.


We hope that your first week of April is a peaceful one. As always, we’re going to keep publishing article’s like this for you to enjoy.

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