More Diabetes-Focused YouTube Channels

We’re back! We hope our readers have had a good week since we last published an article. We know that stomach flu is going around, so be wary of that! We also hope you’ve enjoyed the diabetes-focused channels that we’ve showcased before.

Hopefully, those channels were informative and entertaining enough to inspire our readers to seek out other similar channels.

We want to continue helping our loyal readers by showcasing more diabetes-focused channels.

There’s a chance that some of our readers who were inspired to look up more diabetes-focused channels might have overlooked the ones that we are going to feature.

1. Diabetes Diet Guy

We appreciate the simplicity of this channel’s title. Mark Green, an accredited dietitian, is this channel’s creator, and it’s tied to his main website of the same title.

Mark states on his website’s About page that, as a dietitian, he is trained to look at a person’s health in a “big picture” sense, looking at whether someone is getting an adequate amount of nutrients.

He has the expertise that a nutritionist with a degree unrelated to health might not have, which gives his videos a stronger grounding in scientifically-backed wellness advice.

Video topics on this pipeline include fixing blood spikes in-between meals, using technology to manage type 1 diabetes better, stopping cravings, and the causes of type 2 diabetes.

2. is a hugely popular website for people with diabetes, including those who live in the UK and beyond, and it figures that their website would share some small amount of that fame.

At 34.6k subscribers, the channel isn’t the most popular/subscribed one on this list, but that doesn’t mean that the videos it features are lacking in merit; far from it.

Examples of videos from this channel include the symptoms of diabetes, types of diabetes, what metformin is, and pregnancy blood sugar levels.

3. Diet Doctor

This channel has the most subscribers by far, at 505k. Like, this channel stems from a widely known website whose mission is to aid those struggling with diabetes.

This channel and the related website focus on the benefits of following a low-carb diet, which can be tremendously effective in managing type 2 diabetes.

Video topics include the importance of protein, how low-carb food can help with spinal cord injuries, intermittent fasting, and how you can help your liver by reducing sugar intake.


This was a fun list because all of the videos featured in these channels are well made. We are confident that you will enjoy the channels on this list even more than those featured in the previous article.

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