Even More Diabetes-Focused YouTube Channels

We weren’t kidding when we wrote previously that there was a generous amount of YouTube channels that focused on helping people with diabetes.

That’s why we’re posting a third article in this series.

We know that our readers have thoroughly enjoyed the content we’ve shared and eagerly anticipate more.


This YouTube channel mainly promotes an online exercise program and app of the same name. This channel’s mission is to share videos that promote healthy exercise and other lifestyle habits for people with diabetes.

This channel may not have the highest subscriber number on this list at 36.2 thousand. Still, we hope this article series has impressed our readership that the correlation between subscriber count and video quality isn’t nearly as strong as one would presume.

Video topics for this channel include ten exercises that lower blood sugar, the high cost of diabetes for seniors, how a person with type 1 diabetes lost 50 lbs, the effect of allergies on blood sugar, and how to live with arthritis and diabetes.

2. Sugar MD

The title of this channel is one of the more ironic ones that we’ve seen. What makes the irony even funnier is that this channel has the highest number of subscribers on this list at 306 thousand.

The channel’s creator is Dr. Ahemt Ergin, an Endocrinology specialist whose mission is to give those with diabetes quality assistance through informative videos on topics relevant to their health concerns and needs.

This channel has videos focusing on topics such as how sea moss is a diabetes superfood, how to quit bread in two weeks when you have diabetes, low carb snacks, drinks that people with diabetes must avoid, and what the top ten worst foods for diabetics are.

3. Healthy Mom Happy Family

This channel has the smallest subscriber on this list at 8.84 thousand. Again, we hope our readers have learned by now that channel size and quality aren’t that strongly connected.

This channel’s creator, Erin, prides herself on being both a dietitian and mother to three and creates her videos to better help mothers with diabetes or who have children with the illness.

Erin has videos on topics like whether someone should drink protein coffee, the difference between simple and complex carbs, when a baby can safely eat eggs, low-calorie snacks for losing weight, and how to read food labels.


We hope that these three YouTube channels give your life something of value. We know that they have for us.

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