Exploring Diabetes-Focused YouTube Channels

The great thing about YouTube is that its immense popularity means that there are many channels dedicated to every subject imaginable, from sports to news, cooking, movies, video games, and far more.

When you also consider how abundant diabetes is across the world, it makes complete sense that there would be a substantial presence of YouTube creators with diabetes or who have a degree of knowledge above passing.

We’re happy to inform you that our time spent researching diabetes-focused YouTube channels was not wasted! We found such a treasure trove of channels on the topic that whittling down our choices to just three was tricky, but we feel that we made good calls.

We will start our list with a YouTube channel with a powerful name…

1. Diabetes Strong

This channel was created by Christel Oerum, a self-described “fitness enthusiast” with type 1 diabetes. Oerum also created a website, DiabetesStrong.com. Both the site and the YouTube channel share her goal of empowering those with diabetes to live their best lives.

Video topics include: whether you should wear a medical ID, living as an anemic, how you should inject insulin, testing your drink to see if it has no sugar, and more.

At the time of this article’s publication, she has a mere eight thousand subscribers, but we think that she deserves hundreds of thousands.

2. Type One Talks

As indicated by its name, this channel has a stricter focus on type one diabetes than either of the other ones on this list.

Although the channel’s creator, Tom, admits on its ‘About’ page that he’s not a medical professional, he can still offer an abundance of helpful videos that aim to improve the lives of his audience.

Video topics include the effects of quitting diet soda, diabetes myths, keeping insulin cold while traveling, exercise, and more.

This channel has the most subscribers on our list, at 69 thousand. The channel’s popularity and the volume of videos that Tom puts out help to make a case that this is a channel those with type 1 diabetes won’t regret subscribing to.

3. Beat Diabetes!

This channel’s creator, Dennis Pollack, struggled with blood sugar highs and lows, making him miserable. He eventually found a way to control his blood glucose levels and created this channel to inspire others who might be currently experiencing the problems he overcame.

Video topics include diabetes-friendly food substitutions, low-carb foods, keto sweeteners, fasting benefits, etc.


We hope you enjoy the channels we’ve listed. We certainly did with the ones we took the time to view. You should expect us to revisit this topic in the future.

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