3 More Healthy Meals for Children With Diabetes

Surprise! We bet that you didn’t expect to see another article on diabetes-friendly meals for kids so soon. We can’t imagine that it’s an unpleasant surprise because we’re very well aware of what our readers want.

We hope that in the last week since we published our first installment in this series that you prepared at least one of the previously listed meals for your kids and that they highly enjoyed it.

We’re confident that they’ll also love any of the new dishes that we will list.

For example, we think that every kid will adore…

1. Low Carb Tortilla Pepperoni Pizza

Our previous list had a delicious yet unconventional pizza-type recipe, and we wanted to feature an actual pizza one that was more ‘traditional’ looking at a glance while still being diabetes-friendly. With this meal, you prepare traditional pizza toppings such as cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni atop a low-carb tortilla cooked on a skillet.

After your kids have one bite of this, they’ll demand that this be a regular meal.

It’s a perfect mix of Italian, Mexican, and low-carb food! We recommend adding veggies atop the pizza to add more nutritional value.

2. Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese

We’re well aware that cauliflowers aren’t most people’s favorite vegetable, especially for children, who already tend to avoid plant-based food.

However, we think that this particular take on a legendary childhood favorite will win all picky children over, whether they have diabetes or not.

This recipe swaps out macaroni for sliced-up cauliflower. When this dish is made correctly and carefully, the mixture of cheese, spices, oils, and well-cooked cauliflower will be a revelation.

3. Beef and Vegetable Soup

This is a hearty recipe we imagine most people with an affinity for meat will like.

We know that the meat put into this soup per the recipe is a considerable improvement over a McDonald’s burger or a hot dog wiener.

We recommend adding additional vegetables to this recipe, such as sweet potatoes or kale. Also, ensure that the broth has low sodium to make it even healthier.


It’s never tedious to look up recipes for these articles because we always love what we find. We can’t wait to share more recipes like those featured above with you and your kids again.

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