Instagram Image Showcase #7

It’s been several months since we’ve delved into explaining our Instagram images.

We’ve posted quite a few new ones since then, and we can’t wait to explain them to our loyal readership.

We will start by examining an image based on the topic of light exposure.

1. Light Exposure, High Blood Sugar and Diabetes

The creation of this image was based on a news article we uncovered. We knew we should seek out a picture representing both nighttime and light.

It took some time for us to find the appropriate image because we wanted an image that wasn’t obvious. We didn’t want a picture of a light bulb or a person sleeping. In the end, we found the above image. We liked the juxtaposition of the warm glow of the lamp, as well as the darkness surrounding the light.

The image did a good job of assisting the message.

We wanted the text to be in the center of the image, which is where the image is brightest because it helped hammer the message of how exposure to light can cause problems.

2. Traveling on a Plane and Type 1

This image wasn’t based on a news story and instead came from information we already knew.

We wanted a striking image of planes to follow our intended message. We were able to find one.

We adored the intense orange and stark whites and how they contrasted with the darker airplanes and the hills at the bottom. This is probably our most visually satisfying image in a while.

3. Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

This image, like the first one on this list, is based on a news article.

However, unlike that, we decided that an ‘obvious’ image would work well with our intended message. The issue with that decision is that there are so many images of people sleeping that it became difficult to single one out that we hadn’t already used before.

In the end, we chose this image because we liked how the woman’s black hair and stark white clothing contrasted with each other in the rough center of the composition.

Sleep apnea is harmful, and we also liked to contrast the concept of unhealthy sleep with the visual of someone sleeping without trouble.


We intend to do another article on this topic next week. We hope our readership is looking forward to it as much as we are.

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