Instagram Image Showcase #10

We are publishing this article in August, with the end of summer approaching. We hope that you’ve had a safe and happy summertime and that this article series was an enjoyable read.

We will keep creating more images like the ones featured in this series for the foreseeable future, but we don’t plan to publish more articles on this topic until next year. We have more topics and series that we wish to explore, and the space that our publishing gap allows us means that we can build up a more extensive library of images.

This article will be sure to interest you. We will start with a bang, with an image built around a vitally important topic to people with diabetes.

1. Unaffordable Insulin and America

We’ve been researching the topic of insulin affordability for a while. We felt strongly about this topic and wanted to make an image that expressed our beliefs about insulin affordability to our followers. We knew they would appreciate our choice of subject, and we owed it to them to craft a good image.

We wanted to include a specific photograph of insulin, which would be instantly recognizable to our audience. Finding a photo of insulin that lacked color proved somewhat time-consuming, but we eventually settled on one.

The usage of orange and blue makes the faded white of the photo and the stark white of the text stand out. It’s an image with a lot of text, so we wanted the colors to be appealing.

2. Diabetes and Cognitive Decline

The creative process behind this image is the opposite of the above in specific ways.

Like the first one, the topic of the picture was something we’ve researched beforehand. Where it differs is that we decided to seek out a symbolic illustration to convey our message instead of a photograph of an object.

We didn’t want a picture of a brain or a head by itself; we sought an image that conveyed a loss of memory, of identity.

We lucked out and found the perfect picture. Few things convey cognitive decline, like a head losing literal pieces of itself, but due to the heavy simplicity of the illustration style, it doesn’t come across as gross.

3. Night Light and the Risk of Diabetes

We decided on this topic after discovering a recently published article on it.

The topic surprised us, and we wanted to share our new knowledge with our followers. We tried to use an actual photo because we made an image with an illustration beforehand, and we wanted to try and be different.

We wanted a photo that had both light and a place where a person could sleep, like a couch or pillow.

We decided on the above photo because the activated lamp was near the middle of the composition, which bathed the dimmed chair and desk with light. The picture did an excellent job of showing light breaking through the dark, which went well without text.


While this is our last article on the topic for this year, we promise that our next series of articles will also hold your interest. We can’t wait for you to read them.

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