Even More Healthy Eating Podcasts You Must Listen To

We’re back again! We certainly hope you listened to the podcasts we listed in the previous article. Believe us; we hope that you did and enjoyed them. We’ve been choosing podcasts that we know have large followings, so there’s a chance that, in any given list, you’ll enjoy at least two out of three.

Popular podcasts get where they are for a reason. We’ve also been trying to avoid listing podcasts that advocate extreme diets and calorie counting and instead focus more on overall health and wellness.

We want to start this list with…

1. The Doctor’s Kitchen

Not every doctor uses their kitchen to make healthy meals, but the one who hosts this podcast sure does.

Dr. Rupy Aujla created a blog about healthy eating and wellness, then launched his podcast in 2015. He not only has a popular podcast but has written three bestselling books and appeared on television programs on the BBC. He includes a wealth of respected and certified professional health experts

Topics on this podcast include food addiction, eating to deal with arthritis, eating and depression, and much more.

2. The Model Health Show

This podcast is even more popular than the Doctor’s Kitchen! According to the website, the Model Health Show is the number one Health & Fitness podcast on Apple Podcast, listened to by millions across the globe.

The host behind this podcast has a hugely inspiring story. Shawn Stevenson was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, which caused his spine to deteriorate.

Stevenson overcame his condition and pushed himself to help others reach their full potential to live a healthier life in spite of whatever condition they have. Stevenson has taught classes and conducted live events, and has been in television networks like CNN and ABC News, as well as magazines like Men’s Health and Entrepreneur.

Topics on Stevenson’s podcast include how the environment can shape your body, ways to make yourself more stress-resilient, how to boost serotonin naturally, and a lot more.

3. Listen to Your Body Podcast

This podcast is humbler in terms of popularity compared to the Model Health Show, that doesn’t mean that it lacks the same kind of merit. The host of this podcast has a unique angle compared to the others on this list.

Steph Gaudreau wants her listeners to focus less on calorie counting and restrictive eating habits and more on building strength and muscle.

She wants to ensure that more women focus on being active and powerful instead of just thin, and the fact that her podcast is close to 4 million downloads since its start in 2015 shows that she certainly has a devoted following.

Some select topics on Gaudreau’s podcasts include ways that you can move more, the risks and benefits of strength training, and how people over 40 years old can improve their fitness.


We are once again confident that you’ll enjoy the majority of the podcasts we’ve compiled. We hope that these podcasts enrich your lives in ways that keep you coming back to us to learn about even more.

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