3 More Ways to Reverse Pre-Diabetes

We hope you’ve already read our last article on this topic and started implementing those tips into your life if you hadn’t already. Prediabetes among adults is an epidemic. We’re already experiencing another epidemic because of COVID-19, and you don’t want to have that disease in addition to prediabetes.

The combination of prediabetes and COVID-19 could lead to full-blown type 2! That’s not anything you would want, so we’re going to continue to list off ways you can reverse prediabetes. We also advise since the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, that you get vaccinated and maintain proper social distancing protocols.

We’ll start our list with two ways to lessen the risk of type-2.

1. Eat More Fiber

Do you want to know why having a diet high in fiber can get rid of prediabetes?

This is because fibers, divided into insoluble and water-soluble fibers, can’t be digested and can aid the process of absorbing fat and sugar, which prevents spikes in blood sugar after eating.

Fiber also aids the bacteria in the digestive system because it offers pre-biotics. Pre-biotics ensure that the intestines can adequately absorb nutrients and allow for healthy bowel movements.

2. Eat a Mediterranean Diet

A huge issue with modern living is that people aren’t eating healthily. Too many people get by with heavily processed foods drenched with salt, fat, sugar and insufficient nutrients. Because of that, implementing an eating plan like the Mediterranean diet can be a lifesaver. A diet heavy with Mediterranean food eschews many processed foods. The diet has a much bigger focus on vegetables, whole grains, greek yogurt, olive oil, fish, and minimal emphasis on red meat and sugary snacks like cake or cookies.

Eating a Mediterranean diet is a surefire way to reduce pounds and remove prediabetes by extension. A proper Mediterranean diet also includes lots of fiber, which makes this example an extension of the first one on this list.

While eating well is essential, all the healthy eating in the world won’t amount to much if you ignore the last example in this article.

3. Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Your hormones, which significantly affect your blood sugar and stress levels, are affected by your sleep schedule. A lack of sleep can gradually wreck your body’s hormones, leading you to stress out more, which causes you to carry more weight and eat more.

These effects can, over time, lead to prediabetes, and eventually, type 2. Because of that, we heavily advise our readers to sleep appropriately to keep their hormones under control. They will have healthier blood sugar levels and lower amounts of stress in the long run.

Excess stress can be inflammatory and lead to diabetes.


Remember, prediabetes is always something that you can reverse. Trust us; you will never regret getting rid of your prediabetes! We intend to revisit this topic sometime in the future.

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