3 More Healthy Eating Podcasts You Must Listen To

So, we are officially in a brand new year. Goodbye 2021, and hello 2022. Can you believe it? We can honestly say that, for us, it’s surreal that 2021 seemed to go by so quickly, when you stop and consider all the good and bad that happened — and, if we’re being frank, there was a lot of bad.

The pandemic is still an ongoing concern, with the Delta and Omicron variants popping up. Unfortunately, it’s looking like the pandemic will still be a bother as we advance.

While harsh realities like that can get a person down, we at Miracle Medical prefer to accept bad things and focus our attention on positive ones while keeping good social distancing practices.

A positive thing is that we want to keep shining a light on our healthy eating podcasts.

1.The Nutrition Diva’s Quick And Dirty Tips For Eating Well And Feeling Fabulous

Someone calling themselves a “Nutrition Diva” might sound a little intimidating, but we assure you that the person behind this podcast is anything but that.

The creator of this podcast is Monica Reinagel, a licensed nutritionist and chef. She’s also written six books and has appeared on CBS Morning News and the TODAY Show.

She has a ton of expertise and offers a podcast that’s given its listeners help in sorting out good and bad diet advice since 2008. Episode topics include rules for snacking, how extra sleep can reduce food cravings, weight trackers’ lack of effectiveness, and more.

2. Ask The Health Expert Podcast

We adore health experts and, as such, chose this podcast, which has the fact that its host is a health expert right there in its title.

This podcast’s host is JJ Virgin, a certified nutrition expert who has written four best-selling books. Virgin’s focus is on helping people over the age of 40 lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, though a lot of her podcast’s content can apply to anyone.

The fact that the show has over 11 million downloads is a testament to that.

Episode topics include healing from chronic pain, how to have energy after working out, or whether cardio or strength training is better for weight loss.

3. Psychology of Eating Podcast

This podcast is just one of many resources that are available on the website of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. The host of this podcast may be one of the most accomplished people on this list.

Marc David created the Institute to further his goal of improving people’s lives by training coaches from all over the world in best nutrition practices.

The Institute has created thousands of practitioners who have made the lives of others better through their knowledge of eating well. His podcast features guests related to the field of nutrition and overall wellness so he can share their knowledge with his listeners.

Topics on his podcast include the neuropsychology of eating, insights into overeating and dieting, and so much more.


Believe us when we write that we hope that this new year starts out on the right foot for you, our reader. We will come back to the topic of healthy-eating-focused podcasts again in the future.

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