3 Healthy Eating Podcasts You Must Listen To

For Americans who live in more humid states, like Arizona or South Texas, there’s not much about the environment that will tip them off that it’s Christmas time. Everything is mostly bright and sunny, with some days being colder and greyer than others. A significant way for people in those areas to notice that they’re in the festive season is the radio, where Christmas songs regularly blare on certain stations. People love listening to Christmas music while driving in their cars during this time of year, but they could also be listening to something different in-between songs: podcasts.

We at Miracle Medical have written articles about YouTube channels devoted to healthy practices. So, we’re going to make an article that’s all about podcasts dedicated to health. To be more specific, we want to focus on healthy eating podcasts, where the hosts discuss topics about nutrition and give out recipes.

We will start our list with a happy-sounding podcast.

1. The Happy Bite Podcast

Who could deny the appeal of taking a bite of something that makes you happier? This podcast focuses on helping mothers give their children healthy meals without much hassle. This podcast is part of the Real Mom Nutrition website, and it features the website’s creator, Sally, a registered dietician as the co-host, and food blogger Dina Rose.

Most episodes are 20 minutes long, with some being as short as 10, so it won’t take too much time to listen. Topics on the podcast include: picking a lunch box, sugar-heavy school breakfasts, and what to do when you’re going to grandma’s house.

We think that most nutrition-conscious moms will get a lot of enjoyment from this podcast.

2. FoodPsych

This podcast is popular enough to be in Apple’s top 100 Health Podcasts, and if that fact alone doesn’t entice you, perhaps our description might help.

FoodPsych has a broader audience than Happy Bites. Like Sally, this podcast’s host, Christy Harrison, is a registered dietician. However, she aims to help listeners break free from the often quite restraining and even contradictory rules of diet culture.

Harrison believes in body positivity and in the power to reject restrictive eating habits that only fuel bad mental health and eating disorders. The podcast features a variety of guests that include psychologists, body acceptance activists, and more. Podcast topics include hunger and fullness, body image, disordered eating, and more.

3. Happy Eating Podcast

We’re ending this list with another podcast with the word “happy” in the title. The podcast’s two hosts are Brierley Horton and Carolyn Williams, both registered dieticians.

The host’s goal for Happy Eating isn’t as specific as Happy Bites or as ambitious as FoodPsych. Still, it appeals: they want to examine the connections between eating nutritionally dense food and having positive mental health.

The podcast’s topics include exercise and mental health, alcohol and mental wellness, loss of taste and smell due to COVID-19, and more.


There are far, far more podcasts on the topic of healthy eating that we can’t wait to share with you all in the future. Until then, we hope that you give the shows we featured here a listen.

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