A New Look at Health Food Stores

We want every one of our followers to have access to healthy food.

Ever since the pandemic started, there have been legions of people who have gained weight due to having few options except for staying home and watching television or searching the web. We know that our followers, in particular, loved our previous lists about health food stores, so we’re revisiting the topic.

We’re going to start with a chain that has the most self-explanatory title of them all…

1. Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers has been in business since 1955 in Colorado, and its success over the decades has led to it having 162 stores in 20 states and its website. They have a magazine and an extensive website that offers an abundance of options for the consumer.

The brand prides itself on offering high-quality, environmentally sustainable, and affordable products.

Their products include 100% organic produce, vitamins & supplements, grocery, meat & seafood, and a lot more.

The company’s website also offers recipes, a list of events, and even a nutrition center where you can find health coaches! That’s an undeniably good deal. Unlike the other companies on our list, you have to go to a store to purchase any product.

2. Brandless

This brand has an ironic title, as well as a great website.

Brandless is a unique store on our list in that it’s not exclusively focused on food and is instead geared more towards offering overall healthy lifestyle products, like personal grooming and household wares. However, they still have nutritional products that are tantalizing.

Rather than groceries or meal kits, this store offers gummies and powders. These products include apple cider vinegar gummies, chocolate peanut powder, green coffee bean extract powder.

3. Direct Eats

This website is more like Natural Grocers than Brandless, but it’s not nearly as large, and it has a much more specific focus. That doesn’t mean it’s a lesser brand, however.

Direct Eat’s founders, Dawn Hilarczyk and John De Marco wanted to offer families food that wouldn’t trigger allergies. They succeeded in their mission since the website offers loads of products from trusted health food companies like Artisana, Heavenly Organics, Kashi, and more.

This company’s most notable products are the Gluten-Free Discovery Boxes, which provides a selection of healthy goodies themed around a nutritional requirement that many people have.

The gluten-free snacks in these boxes include gluten-free pasta, cake mix, chocolate chip cookie mix, dark chocolate pretzel bars, and others.


We know that you’re going to enjoy browsing the websites listed here, and we hope that we sold you enough on them that you’ll consider ordering products from them. Rest assured that we’ve found even more food stores that we intend to put in articles at a later point. We hope that you’ll read them when they’re released.

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