4 Great Reasons to Walk Outside More Often #2

We hope that you are keeping a habit of walking outside. We have a lot of enthusiasm for the benefits that arise when you walk outdoors, even if only for about ten minutes.

We encourage you to exercise your legs because of the myriad of reasons as to why your overall health and wellness would improve, some of which we already listed in the first article.

Here are four more reasons why a a daily stroll might be exactly what you need.

1. You Will Lose Weight

You can’t burn calories as well as you could if you continue to have a sedentary lifestyle. While implementing a cardio routine is one of the most advised changes if you want to reduce your waistline, that doesn’t mean walking isn’t also a smart practice.

For many people, particularly the elderly, walking outside regularly in addition to other intelligent lifestyle changes is a surefire way to reduce weight.

2. You Will Get More Vitamin D

Today, a common health issue that people have is a lack of Vitamin D. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, then you are at risk for muscle and bone pain, along with other ailments.

One of the ways you can naturally increase your daily Vitamin D dosage is to walk out in bright sunlight. We advise that you also wear sunscreen when you head outside for your vitamin D dosage in order to reduce the risk of skin cancer or sunburn.

3. You Will Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Strenuous cardio exercises receive praise as being an effective way to reduce cardiovascular disease, but a stroll can also work wonders for your heart.

As mentioned previously, one of the perks of receiving vitamin D from the sun is the reduction of being at risk of ailments, one of which is cardiovascular disease.

4. You Will Boost Your Metabolism

How you burn calories in a way that is most beneficial is dependent on how good of a metabolism you have, which in turn depends on factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle.

Luckily, while age and genetics are beyond our control, we can choose to live our day to day lives in a manner that keeps our hearts pumping, and our metabolism at peak performance.

If you choose not to live your life in a way that will lead to a better metabolism, then you are putting yourself at risk of a chronic illness such as type-2 diabetes.


After reading this list, we hope that you are inspired once again to remember the joys that arise from being outdoors, breathing fresh air and wandering under bright, blue skies.

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