Ways to Protect Yourself From the Summer Heat

Spring has had its time, and now summer is primed to take over! Many people are excited about the change in weather – including us – but there are some definite downsides to summer fun in the sun. The issue comes from, well, the planet Earth’s longtime friend: the sun, and its tendency to cause problems with human skin.

Who likes sunburn? No one. Furthermore, it’s a certainty that pretty much nobody, and we mean nobody, likes skin cancer. At all. We know that our audience has a vested interest in protecting themselves from any possible harm that naturally arises from living in an area such as south Texas, and we are glad to offer some pointers.

1. Stay Inside More Often

This tip is by far the simplest, and potentially among the most effective. While it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors in the park or the backyard during the fresh period of Spring, it becomes a more difficult task starting in June. It’s hard to enjoy a barbeque when your shirt doesn’t stop sticking to your skin.

While it might seem like an unfortunate reality that you can’t go outside and enjoy time with family at a get-together, or play a sport as much as you would like, your skins overall health would probably benefit from more time spent indoors.

2. Wear the Appropriate Sunscreen

There’s yet another simple option: wear the appropriate sunscreen! Luckily, if you were to just walk into any supermarket or dollar store, you could find any sunscreen for you and your family could apply.

Make sure that you are careful with the specific sunscreen that you choose, in case you suffer an allergic reaction, or find that it’s not working well.

3. Go Out in the Early Morning and Late Afternoon

The great part of summer is that’s it still bright and fresh even when it’s later in the day or earlier in the morning. We recommend that you try and spend most of your time outside before 11 am and after 5 pm.

Before and after these two periods is when the suns UV rays aren’t as intense.


The sun is wonderful, but enjoying its rays doesn’t come without potential risks. Enjoy your summer safely.

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