4 Great Reasons to Sleep Better #2

Yes, as it would turn out, there’s more than just four reasons to sleep well. There are even more reasons as to why we recommend keeping to a normal sleep schedule, but we thought to pare the list down to these samples was more convenient for you to read. We know that you’re always busy!

It doesn’t matter what type of mattress or pillow you use, as long it aides your ability to sleep peacefully and consistently.

Lets start off with…

1. You Will Have Better Motor Skills

A big reason that so many car crashes occur in America is due to chronic tiredness causing a deadly drop of how attentive they are behind the wheel.

People are putting themselves at an increasing amount of risk by working themselves to the point of exhaustion during times when not being at high alert can lead to death.

Please sleep better, if only because it might potentially save another drivers life.

2. You Will Get Less Colds

How well you sleep and how your immune system functions are tied closer together than you would think.

If you allow your body the ability to not be on alert, there’s more of an allowance for it to heal. If your chronically net giving your body the rest it needs, then it can’t recover as effectively, which leads to a lower tolerance for physical and biological attacks.

Imagine using a shield to deflect attacks, but never repairing it or letting it down: eventually, the protection will break down, and it might cause a world of hurt.

Give yourself a longer lasting protective barrier between you and outside threats by resting.

3. You Will Reduce Unwanted Inflammation

Inflammation is tied in with the body’s need for recovery as well. Inflammation is when you acutely feel the effects of diseases such as arthritis or heart disease.

If you rest more, you decrease the risk of increased inflammation, and thus, the potential pain that arises from certain diseases.

4. You Will Remember More Effectively

Let’s move back towards highlighting the mental health benefits of good sleep.

How we retain essential information, as well as maintain overall psychological clarity, involves giving the brain relatively brief and consistent rest from conscious thought.

With that in mind (no pun intended), we ask that you please allow your brain the chance to digest new information given to it by resting well.


We could probably make another list about the benefits of rest, but there are also other subjects that we could touch base. In whatever case, take the perks listed previously to heart.

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