3 More Healthy Snacks You Can Try

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Snacks are one those great, yummy little joys in life that can make a bad situation seem bearable, and a good situation just a little bit better. Sadly, people nowadays snack more than is entirely healthy, and often what they eat is unhealthy.

People love to snack of too many candy bars, salty potato chips and other calorie dense, but nutritionally sparse and often over processed foods. We want to help fight back against the trend of unhealthy snacking by creating lists about healthy foods that anyone can munch on.

We will start off this article with a more nutrient dense alternative to peanuts…

1. Walnuts

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Yes, nuts are a popular snack, but some nuts have more nutritional value than others. While peanuts are a fine thing to munch on, we would recommend that our readers buy some fresh, unsalted walnuts. Walnuts contain omega-3’s, can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

They have a smooth, buttery taste as well to go alongside their omega-3’s. Their taste is a good alternative to peanuts, and a handful of them contains a decent amount of fiber, which can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

2. Dates

If you want to keep to a healthy diet while also satisfying your sweet tooth, you have a variety of options to choose from, like strawberries, blue berries, apples and other fruits.

We want to recommend a dried fruit that is high in fiber while relatively low in natural sugars and calories: dates.

Dates have even been shown to help control blood sugar. Instead of getting more peanuts or strawberries, consider adding some dates to your grocery cart.

3. Protein Bar

While we indeed decried overly processed junk foods like candy bars at the start of this article, we want to make an exception to protein bars. While not as healthy as other, more natural snacks, they can still offer health benefits that can’t be dismissed out of hand.

Lots of protein bars, in addition to protein, have high amounts of fiber added as well as lower amounts of sugar and sodium when compared to other snack bars.

We think that occasionally including a protein bar into your diet wouldn’t go against your long term diet health goals, and you could think of them as a viable alternative to a “cheat” snack, such as a regular candy bar.


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We can’t wait to make more articles on this fun topic in the future.

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