Three Healthy Snacks For Children

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When you’re a small kid, your barometer for what constitutes “good food” isn’t particularly advanced, nor is usually informed by what food types are most healthy. A typical American child is commonly seen, whether it to be in the grocery store, school yard, or family get together, eating: ice cream, chips, candy, chocolate or soda. It’s no small wonder that childhood obesity rates have taken off in recent years. We at Miracle Medical believe that ordinary citizens, adults in particular, have what it takes to turn the tide against childhood diabetes and obesity so long as we emphasize the importance of healthy foods to young people. In a previous article we showcased good low calorie snacks that can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone, and in the article, we’re going to give a more narrowed down view, focusing on food items that resonant strongly with children.

There’s even more healthy snacks out there, but we feel strongly about showcasing these three.

1. Strawberries

While apples are an iconic health food that pretty much everyone knows and likes, we shouldn’t forget about berries. In particular, a typical strawberry tastes sweet and tangy, while also containing plenty of antioxidants.

Kids should focus on eating less processed snacks with artificial strawberry filling and instead gain a strong appreciation for the real thing.

2. Low Fat Greek Yogurt

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Dairy products are a staple food for growing kids because it helps build up bone strength and development. There are more dairy products out there for kids than just milk and cheese; low fat Greek option is a great alternative to ice cream. Low fat Greek yogurt contains protein and potassium.

3. Cheese Sticks

Speaking off cheese, while we just mentioned that there are more dairy sources out there, we can’t deny the appeal that a cheese stick has on a young person. A cheese stick is portable, packed with protein, and has the taste that makes dairy products so appealing. We recommend low fat cheese stick options.

Cheese sticks aren’t as potentially messy as Greek yogurt is, and can have more nutrients than an ordinary slice of cheese has.


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Children deserve to eat snacks that are tasty and nutritious.

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