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Our sister company, Rage Sports Bracing, has an Instagram page with images that we made or are reshares of pictures made by other pages. We’ve recently made changes to Rage Sports Bracing’s Instagram page by posting and sharing a lot of content that would overlap with the audience of Miracle Medical’s blog.

Instagram is such a hugely popular social media site that it would be foolish of us not to create appealing content that could spread awareness to our blog to millions of potential followers.

With that in mind, we thought we could share some images made for Rage Sports Bracing and post them here, along with more in-depth explanations behind each of them.

We hope you all enjoy seeing these images and appreciate our explanations as much as we did when we made them. First, we will start with…

1. Covid Vaccine

We chose this image to be the first one we talk about because of the sheer, unquestionable importance of its message.

We want all of our followers to get COVID-19 vaccines and created this to assure them that although its potential side effects may be unpleasant, it’s nothing compared to what coronavirus can do in the long and short term to a body.

Not getting a vaccine due to fear of the side effects can be fatal, and so we used a pleasant looking, painless looking picture of a person receiving a shot in order to allow the text expressing a message to be less harsh and more inviting.

2. Coffee and Diabetes

We at Miracle Medical will always be big supporters of coffee as a quick pick-me-up to diabetic and non-diabetic people alike.

Since coffee has plentiful benefits, we sought a fun, symbolic image to go along with our message. We obviously don’t want our followers to start drinking coffee beans and are sure that they get what they’re supposed to represent.

We especially like the faded orange and browns that make the white text in the image’s center really “pop.”

3. Diabetes and Stretch Exercises

A lifestyle that includes a healthy diet coupled with exercise is a dynamite one for having great long-term health. We made this image because we understand that not everyone has the willingness or physical ability to do more work-intensive exercises such as running or lighting weights, but almost everyone can stretch.

We chose an image that had someone do a splendid job of stretching themselves in a way that showed that they were really trying but not making it seem strenuous enough to cause perspiration.

We also like the warm yet restrained tones of the image, with the stark white text going nicely with the various light yellow, light greys, and various shades of green behind it.


We have a bunch more images on our Instagram that we can and will feature on this blog in the future.

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