Healthy Snack List For the Summer

There is a powerful, undeniable fact about human beings that will never stop being true: they need to eat. Eating, drinking water, and breathing are fundamental to human existence; with two of those three things, humanity has gone above and beyond in doing them in exciting ways. Unfortunately, to thoroughly document every kind of food or drink throughout all known civilizations would be a task far too daunting for a simple blog like this one.

What our blog can do, and has done before, is create small lists for our readers of healthy, diabetes-friendly snacks. While making a huge list of healthy foods would take a considerable amount of time and effort and take some time for you to read, the significant benefit to us making these short articles is their brevity. These articles will continue to be bite-sized and fact-filled tiny doses of nutritious snacks that you can try when you aren’t eating a regular meal.

We’re starting this list with a green snack that offers a lot without many calories in return….


Here are two fun facts about cucumbers: an average-sized one contains about 30 calories, and they are a type of fruit, not vegetable. In addition, cucumbers are crunchy and have a fresh taste due to their high water content; they’re 95% water.

Cucumbers also contain compounds that fight back against inflammation. They also have a host of nutrients, such as vitamins c and k, and offer potassium, manganese, and magnesium.

Another great thing about cucumbers is that if you can also bring them to turn them into pickles!

2. Basil

A diet filled with leafy, green vegetables should be a priority for health-conscious people, whether it be with full-blown meals or snack foods. One of the great leafy, green snacks is baby spinach. Spinach doesn’t just have benefits to Popeye; after all, they have a pretty good amount of potassium, comparable to that of bananas.

Baby spinach also has less natural sugar than bananas which may be a big plus to those who want a natural snack with low sugar content.

3. Muesli

If you’ve never heard of muesli before, let us sell you on it: imagine cold oatmeal that has a variety of seeds, nuts, and fruit.

For lots of people who would love a tasty snack that can be both sweet, savory, and bundled with nutrients and anti-oxidants, muesli can be exactly what you’re looking for.


We’ll be back again with even more healthy snacks to recommend to you.

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