Instagram Image Showcase #5

We hope that our followers have been enjoying this series of articles. We’d hate to put a lot of enjoyable content out onto an already far overstuffed internet and not get any readers out of it. While many people have taken vaccine shots, we know that there are still people out there who haven’t spent a lot of time indoors. We hope that before they take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated, they’re reading fun articles like this one.

The exciting thing about these images that we haven’t revealed before in this article series is that ever since we started to post them on Instagram, our follower account has steadily increased!. As of October 7th, our Instagram has 55 followers! Considering that we’re a medical supplies company local to certain parts of the Rio Grande Valley, we believe that the popularity level on Instagram is worth celebrating.

Now that we’ve shared that tidbit of information, we can now explore the backstory behind these next three images. We will start with…

1. Diabetes Risk and Fatty Pancreas

The inspiration behind this image came from reading a news article. It’s easy to overlook the pancreas, but if you allow it to become overwhelmed with fat, then you’re placing your health at unnecessary risk.

The trick with this image was finding an appealing, simple illustration or graphic of a pancreas.

We eventually found a fairly straightforward, simplified drawing of the organ with nice rendering and a stark white background. Due to the background, we used black text instead of the usual white so that the message could be legible.

The combination of the pancreas illustration and the black text makes this image one of our more unique looking.

2. Diabetes Leads to Heart Disease

This image wasn’t inspired by any recent news article and instead came from our preexisting knowledge of the subjects of heart disease and diabetes.

We think that it will always be important to remind our followers of the dangers of heart disease since it’s one of the leading causes of death worldwide, so we’ll always make images based on the topic.

For this image, we fell in love with this image since it combined a simple drawing of a heart with a stethoscope, making it both appropriate to the message as well as pleasing to observe.

3. Diabetes and Glaucoma

Like with the first image on this list, the inspiration behind this one was a news article on the link between glaucoma and diabetes. What separates this image from the other two in this list is that we decided to use a photograph and not an illustration as the backdrop of the text.

The tricky part was that we didn’t want a bland photo of an eye, but we also didn’t want to have it be too unsettling or on the nose by using a photo of a blind eye.

We ended up choosing a photo that showed a close-up of a woman’s two eyes looking up at something unseen. We thought that the picture worked well with the message, complimenting it in a way that wasn’t too bland or too unappealing.


We want our follower count on Instagram to grow, and we want more readers of our blog. To fulfill those two goals, we’ll be sure to be back with another article in this series.

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