Instagram Image Showcase #4

We honestly love to create the images that we put on Instagram. We can’t wait for when the time comes, and we have to think up ideas for unique pictures that could resonate with our audience and beyond.

The inspiration for the images can start from a few different places: we could read about news stories relating to diabetes and use whatever we find as a springboard. Or, we could browse through Pixabay and search for evocative images related to search terms like “coffee,” “elderly,” or “protein.” Sometimes, we think about what we could do without browsing the web and go from there.

No matter what spurs the creation of our Instagram pictures, we always hope that they appeal to our followers for one reason or another. Since you’ve already clicked on this article to read more, we shouldn’t waste any more space except explaining the creation process of the following three images, starting with…

1. Young People and Diabetes

What inspired this picture was when we were looking up new articles on diabetes. One of the topics that came up again and again in several then-recent stories was about the unfortunate rise in type 2 diabetes in young people in the U.S. Since this is such a big news story, we thought it was a no-brainer to create an image about it.

We chose to use an image of two small girls playfully hugging one another, both in light clothing and contrasting against a darkened fall forest backdrop.

It’s such a peaceful and warm image that conveyed the importance of healthy, happy youth that it would be foolish for us not to use it with the appropriate warning text.

2. Protein and Diabetes

This wasn’t spurred by a news article like the last image, but it was based on preexisting knowledge gained from several previous ones we researched. We have created images before about the vitalness of an adequate amount of protein to a person with diabetes, and we wanted to make another one.

We wanted this one to feature a different kind of picture than we’ve done before, one that was a little less obvious than just showing a picture of red meat.

We decided that eggs would make a good choice of image and scoured Pixabay for the right kind.

We found this one, which has light brown eggs grouped together inside a grey carton in front of thin slices of bread, a recipe book, and a whisker. It’s a subtle image, and it goes well with the bright white text.

3. Alcohol and the Diabetes Connection

This final picture is similar to the first one on this list in that its creation was brought about by the news stories. In this instance, we found news stories that were about researchers finding that alcohol intake had an effect on the blood glucose levels of those with diabetes.

We knew that since adults take up the majority, if not all, of our online following, we had to create an image that would make an even more specific point to them than usual. The world has a tremendous volume of drinkers, and those who indulge in alcohol have every right to be made aware of previously unknown problems it might cause them.

We chose a very simple image of wine pouring into a glass since it would have been too crass and obvious to show a can or bottle of beer. This image differentiates the aesthetic appeal of alcohol from the grim realities of its side effects on adults with diabetes, which creates a stronger message.


We don’t see ourselves as losing interest in making these types of pictures any time soon. We want you to keep looking forward to more great images on this blog in the future.

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