Instagram Image Showcase #2

Before we delve into the images of this list derived from the Instagram page, we want to give some context to the account. We made the Rage Sports Bracing Instagram page in late 2018 and other social media profiles for the company on Twitter and Pinterest.

Instead of mainly posting pictures of our supplies, building, logo, or employees, the vast majority of what’s on the Instagram page is:

  • The text-heavy creations on this list.
  • Screenshots of our blog articles. 
  • Reposts from other excellent accounts.

Since we’ve posted consistently, our page has created 410 posts as of this writing and 53 followers. We think that those stats are nothing to sneeze out for a local orthopedic supplies business in the RGV. We want to share more content with our devoted following, such as this new list on Instagram images.

1. Oral Health and Diabetes

Your teeth are collectively a hugely important body part, and leaving them in bad health can spell disaster sooner or later. If you eat or drink stuff with lots of refined sugar and salt while also neglecting your teeth, then not only will you have a higher risk of diabetes, but your teeth will be in a lot of pain.

There’s an even more direct link between bad oral health and diabetes: it has to do with white blood cells. Diabetes can reduce your body’s amount of white blood cells, and if your mouth has bacteria, then the cells can’t fight them off.

We really like the cool tones of this image’s background and how the stark white text compliments it.

2. Diabetes and Sleep Issues

Sleep is incredibly important for long-term health, and having chronic sleeping issues often results in numerous health issues — not the least of which is an early death. What’s worse is that research has found that those who both have diabetes and sleep problems are especially susceptible to an earlier death.

Since that is a disturbing fact, we chose to have a peaceful-looking image of a brunette woman asleep, surrounded by white sheets to go along with our text to sort of ‘lessen’ the severity.

3. Gestational and Type 1 Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is an unfortunate reality for many pregnant women, and so we made this image to encourage our followers who once gave birth and had the affliction to check in with their doctor.

While this is another image that has a message of a troublesome topic, we chose to have a soft, bright image of a pregnant woman behind the text. We think that, like with the image before, our choice of background makes the message less harsh and more digestible.


Rage Sports Bracing’s Instagram page has more images that we want to discuss. Luckily for our followers on this blog and on Instagram, we will keep making more images like these for the foreseeable future.

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