How to Motivate Family Members to Workout

We hope that you haven’t given up on ensuring that you live a healthy and active lifestyle. The key part of sticking to the path of fitness is motivation. To put it simply: do you want to put yourself at risk of poor health or not? Knowing how passionate you are about self improvement will take you far in life. Some of your family members might comment on how healthy you are, while also lamenting their own health concerns.

If you want to give your relatives a helping hand so that they can properly work out, then this is the correct article for you. You have to show your loved ones that their self-limiting beliefs are just that: beliefs.

1. Set a Good Example

First things first, in order for your advice to carry any sort of sway, you have to live them out. No one wants to hear advice from someone who doesn’t follow it themselves. Imagine if a alcoholic taught you how to drink responsibly, or if someone who’s had more than one bankruptcy teach you financial advice.

You have to be what your family member aspires towards. If they see that you follow your fitness routine very well, then they have very little reason to be dissuaded from listening. Being a credible source is key.

2. Don’t Shame or Force Them to Workout

You want to be a positive force in your family members life, not a reason for them to avoid. Don’t belittle those closest to you over your perceived flaws in their character or workout efforts, especially if they try their best to follow your instructions. What’s more, don’t coerce people into routines that they either aren’t ready for or aren’t comfortable with.

The advice to not force someone to do anything that they don’t want to do can apply to lots of situations, but it’s especially vital in the case of exercise. Exercise should be an activity where it’s done with enthusiasm, not resentment.

3. Assist Them When Necessary

Remember: be a helper. If you are guiding a cousin or sibling on their fitness journey, then be a good guide. Be patient with their efforts and questions and don’t neglect to give them tips.

Exercise can be an activity where everyone involved is enjoying themselves because they’re all on the same page.


Motivating a family member to work out correctly can be its own reward. If nothing else, you might gain a new work out buddy.

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